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Toothepaste Tubes from Around the World

Collected by Tucker Viemeister

Although I come from a “Crest family,” I got my first tube of foreign in Finland in 1985. We were shopping for normal stuff (merimekko and toiletries). I saw a tube of toothpaste that’s name was as long as the tube! They have long words in Finland.

As I traveled around I’d sample the toothpaste around the world. It was fun to buy and fit easily in my bag. Meanwhile it was an easy gift!

I noticed that toothpaste is a universal media for indigenous people - a veritable blank canvas - both graphics on the generic tube and the flavors of the paste. French brands are more gourmet, Asian is more fruity, while American is very sharp (it this stereotyping?).

What about the Chinese brand that started off as “Darkie”? As it became viewed as racist, they changed the name to “Darlie” but made the guy with the top hat on the package look more white! Even as the toothpaste industry consolidates, they continue to make more variations!

--Tucker Veimeister

May 20, 2012 - July 1, 2013 More Information