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4 Cortlandt Alley
b/t Franklin St & White St
New York City, NY 10013
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The Golden Word

Collectors can schedule appointments with artist Van Neistat to produce a one-of-a-kind object for their loved ones: a bespoke red SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife.

Hand-engraved and rendered with 18k gold leaf, on one side the knife will bear the giftee’s name; on the other, his or her unique “Golden Word,” Neistat’s descriptor capturing an essential element of the giftee’s being, carefully selected through conversation with the collector.

The price is $206

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters am I allowed on each side of the SwissChamp?
    On the name side: 10 characters
    On the Golden Word side: 7 characters

Is the Golden Word really 18K gold?
Yes, indeed. Neistat uses a slightly-modified fountain pen and 18k gold leaf paint in his pyrographic scrimshaw process.

I've scheduled my appointment.  Now what do I do?

    If you've scheduled an in-person consultation, simply show up to Museum on the west side of Cortlandt Alley between Franklin and White Streets at your scheduled time. If you've scheduled a call-in consultation, call 646-627-4061 at your scheduled time.

I really want to purchase a Golden Word, but I'll be out of town during the show.  Can I still get one?
    Yes. Simply call it in.  At the start of your scheduled Golden Word appointment call 646-627-4061 for a consultation. The phone consultation will likely take less than 15 minutes. Then you can either pick up the SwissChamp in person or email us your Fedex # or credit card # for shipment.

I would like to purchase more than one Golden Word. How do I do this?

    If you wish to purchase more than one Golden Word, book one appointment for each SwissChamp you would like to receive.

If I buy multiple Golden Words, will each take the full 45 minutes of my time?

    No. The artist will use your first scheduled appointment to engrave the name side of each SwissChamp without your involvement.  During your final scheduled appointment, you will consult with the artist to divine each Golden Word.  He will then engrave them into the Golden Word side of each SwissChamp.

Multiples will usually take no more than 15 minutes of your time for each SwissChamp. Call-ins take     even less time. 

    Call 646-627-4061 if you wish to purchase more than 3 Golden Words at once.

Why should I come to Museum when I can just call it in?

The choice is yours.  We encourage in-person consultations as a chance to check out Museum and     observe Neistat's curious process.  Museum is located on the relatively private and quiet Cortlandt Alley, so there likely won't be gawkers listening in to your conversation.  Also the deli around the corner isn't half-bad.

Can I photograph/video the process?

    Of course!

I already have my own Golden Word picked out for my friend. Do I still need to do a consultation?

    No. You'll just have to let us know before the start of your scheduled appointment. Call 646-627-4061 or emai
 The knife will be ready for pick-up at the end of your scheduled appointment.

I have my own Swiss Army Knife. Can we engrave a Golden Word into it?

    Provided it is a full-sized Victorinox-brand Swiss Army knife with the classic red plastic handle, yes.  Due to the different melting characteristics of plastics, there can be no exceptions to this.   You will be charged the full price, and we will give you a blank SwissChamp in addition to your Golden Word.  When purchasing your appointment write "custom" in the "Name on Knife" field so we don't accidentally engrave your giftee's name on the SwissChamp.

I understand that this is a gift show, but I want a Golden Word for myself.  Can I do that?

    Yes. Just have a trusted friend/relative come to Museum or call in your consultation. Or bring your trusted friend/relative to Museum for your consultation and we'll put you on the hot-seat.  Or you can just trick us.

I'm running late. What should I do?

    Call 646-627-4061 to let us know.  The artist will get started on the name side while he waits for you.  When      you arrive, the two of you will finish the job together.   If you will be more than 15 mins late, you must
    make arrangements with the artist by calling 646-627-4061


    Call it in if you are running between 15—25 mins late.  The artist will consult with you over the phone. This will likely take less than 15 minutes. You may then pick up the SwissChamp at the end of your scheduled appointment.  If you will be more than 25 minutes late for your call-in, you must make     arrangements with the artist by calling 646-627-4061

Will I have time to check out the current Museum Exhibition?

    If you arrive to your scheduled appointment on-time, you'll likely have 10-15 minutes to check out     Museum's entire 80 square-feet.

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